Benefits of Foot Reflexology for Cancer Patients

Reflexology, an ancient technique originating from traditional Chinese medicine, can be utiliz to alleviate the adverse effects of cancer therapies. This approach can be used in conjunction with other treatments to assist patients cope with the discomfort of cancer treatment.

How foot reflexology benefits Cancer Patients?

Foot Reflexology – A relaxing treatment to make cancer patients feel better

When one suffers from eye cancer, for example, reflexology can help to refocus and relieve tensions which can be both physical and psychological. Regardless of the type of cancer, all of these tensions can be a nuisance in everyday life. A source of intense fatigue but especially stress, cancer is anxiety-provoking at the announcement, during and after the end of treatment. This is why whether one suffers from sarcoma or prostate cancer, reflexology brings a boost both literally and figuratively.

The fact of working certain areas of the foot, hands or even the face, thanks to the touch and the massages, will allow to find a bodily harmony. All this with the aim of relieving the body in general, as well as the affected organs in particular.

This treatment technique, which comes in addition to the usual care for this type of pathology, allows on the one hand to regain a capacity for balance and on the other hand to strengthen one’s self-healing forces, thanks to the stimulation of lymphatic areas and blood circulation.  

Both relaxation and support care, foot reflexology does not intervene on organic disorders, but it helps to remedy functional disorders.  

Back discomfort, tingling in the hands or feet, insomnia, diarrhoea, nausea, headaches, cramps, and even tinnitus are just a few of the side effects of breast cancer treatment that reflexology can help with.

The duration of the benefit of the treatment will depend on the nature of the ailments, the frequency of reflexology sessions, but also the progress of the disease.

At the end of cancer treatment, reflexology can also be an effective way to facilitate recovery.

Foot Reflexology Reimbursement

Reflexology is a wellness approach align with unconventional medical techniques. The method was suggest by the Chinese through original massage techniques such as Shiatsu. The scientific foundations of the discipline were establish by Dr. William Fitzgerald at the beginning of the 20th century, then by his disciple Eunice Ingham. Reflexology is based on the premise that all organs of the body can be stimulat from certain areas of the feet, hands, eyes or skull. The stimulation techniques adopt are intend to treat diseased organs from the reactivation of the body’s self-healing power. The method is popular with most wellness care enthusiasts.

Reflexology is a hands-on approach to well-being that is gaining popularity in alternative medicine. It’s use treat things like seasonal allergies, sexual asthenia, cirrhosis, and stomach discomfort, among other things. It can also be use to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. Plantar reflexology provides for the regeneration of intestinal flora, the optimization of the toxin elimination function, and the building of immunity in addition to treating internal organs.

The number of people who use this discipline continues to increase despite the high prices of a single reflexology session. In addition, mutual and health insurance do not yet reimburse this type of treatment. However, more and more complementary mutuals are paying for this type of care.

Indeed, the bulk of alternative medical care is cover by health mutual and retirement insurance. The practitioner of his choice is the first requirement for taking responsibility of his treatment. It will need to be authoriz. The cost of a general practitioner is then use to determine reimbursement. The therapy and consultation will not be reimburse if the practitioner is not a doctor.

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