There are many options for purchase. One of them is with the purchase of the showroom in Russia is already removed. It can be considered the most expensive choice. It is possible to purchase it by using auction sites or websites. The transactions will be handled through US dealers, with the exception that the vehicle is bought on which is a private bulletin board with more than 10 million users. But this purchase is applicable if you’re located in your own United States. This isn’t the case for purchasing from a remote location. The risks are too high.

The most crucial factor is to accurately assess whether the deal is financially viable. It is possible to check the profitability at home, without having to leave your house in the following manner.

Pick the best buying car for you For instance, you can do this on the websites on and Check how close the car will be to the location where it will be moving by sea (the closest, the more affordable shipping across in the United States). Calculate the duty for customs on the official site of Russian Customs ( Add up the cost of purchase, shipping and insurance, as well as customs clearance. That will yield an estimated cost of the purchase.

Visit for cars coming from Europe. Calculate the approximate cost

Then, the results are compared with the costs of similar vehicles available in Russia. It is very likely that, based on these analyses, purchasing an automobile from America United States will not seem extremely profitable. However, there is an exception: American automobiles that aren’t sold anywhere in Russia or in luxury vehicles purchased at a very favorable cost at auction.

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What models and brands are available to purchase in the USA

The variety of vehicles available is sure to please any driver. The most well-known imports from Russia are:

Lexus IS;

Ford Fusion;

Buick Encore;

Ford Explorer;

Honda Fit. The theory is that it’s these brands that are lucrative to purchase not just for yourself , but also to offer for the sale.

The demand for iconic models of the American automobile business Jeep Grand Cherokee, Cadillac CTS and Escalade remains constant.

We must also mention our attention to the Ford F-150. In Russia the vehicle isn’t sold, but it is available by order. The pleasure isn’t inexpensive, however, orders are regularly received.

Auctions to purchase cars and other equipment

Sales at auction in America are extremely popular in America. They are a great source for everything from toys to aircrafts.

Copart is the most prestigious used automobile auction that is held throughout the United States and worldwide. Its advantages are that it’s low-cost and the variety is vast, and as well as dealers, anyone can be a part of the auction. It also has a drawback. Private sellers are not required to provide complete information on their vehicles. If the buyer hasn’t examined the vehicle before purchasing, it could become a problem.

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Manheim is the nation’s most renowned auction house. It is, in a large way it is geared towards the market in the country. It is ranked the third place in regard to sales. Around 7 million used vehicles are registered each year and the turnover is around $ 46 billion. Only dealers are employed, and they have more assurances than Copart. The most expensive cars are offered to auction every two weeks.

You can find here not only cars , but trucks, motorcycles and other items.

The largest auction site on the internet is eBay. It has more than 20 million users registered. It is however an “general” auction, and it is rarely used to purchase automobiles.

The delivery of cars to the USA

Transport can be accomplished via air or water. Most people prefer the latter because it is the least expensive and the most reliable. It is comprised of multiple stages. The buying a car is transported to a port in the United States, then loaded into a container that is then loaded onto a water transportation. The delivery location is usually the port, which is usually Finland. From there, the vehicle is then distilled until it reaches Russia or the owner chooses to pick the vehicle out of Finnish territory and transports it to the country on his own.

Stages The vehicle is taken at the site of auction to the port through a logistic business. You can also drive a brand new buying car towards the American port on your own while in the United States. If transportation is done by a specific firm, it’s best to select it prior to purchasing an automobile. They also handle the preparation of all paperwork to transport.

The cost of transport within the United States is difficult to find out. Prices vary from $200 to $1500. This is why it is recommended to pick auctions nearer to the port of departure. Cost of cargo insurance can be added on to cost of transportation cost ranging between 1.5 to 2.5 percentage of the value of the vehicle.

In the US terminal, the buying a car is placed in containers. The buyer is immediately issued a number that allows him to monitor the movements of the cargo. In addition, they also give him the title which is a proof which proves that he owns the vehicle.

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