Bacterial Exchange in Household Washing Machines

Bacterial exchange in household washing machines has been a cause of concern for many years. Studies have revealed that the low-temperature laundering process using household washing machines creates a bacterial exchange in different clothing textiles, leading to malodor. Bleaching agents, higher washing temperatures, and extra centrifuging are effective ways to decrease bacterial load in washing machines. However, when the time comes to replace the old washing machine, many people delay purchasing due to a lack of finances. 

Washing machines are expensive. So, shelling out a considerable amount from savings at once is something many people don’t want to do. This is when the concept of buying a washing machine on EMIs becomes relevant. Don’t have a credit card to pay its price in EMIs? No worries. Now it’s possible to purchase things on EMIs using a debit card. When it comes to buying a debit card EMI washing machine, here is vital information on how to make it happen.

Benefits of Purchasing a Washing Machine on EMIs

Purchasing a washing machine on EMIs saves the buyer from paying its price upfront. Usually, they can place the order with a small down payment, a small percentage of the machine’s total cost. A finance provider pays the remaining amount to the seller on behalf of the buyer. After that, the buyer pays the borrowed amount to the finance company in equated monthly instalments. 

Another benefit of purchasing on EMIs is increased affordability. Since the buyer does not need to stay to pay the price upfront, they do not need to stay restricted within their budget. They can look for a higher model with better looks, more capacity, and enhanced features. Some sellers also offer a no-cost EMI option. When buyers select this payment option, they pay only the washing machine’s price in EMIs without any interest charges. Such an arrangement makes the purchase even more manageable and within reach.

How to Purchase a Debit Card EMI Washing Machine?

When it comes to purchasing a washing machine on EMIs, the first payment option that comes to mind is using a credit card. In this method, the credit card company pays the machine’s cost upfront, and the buyer pays the price in EMIs with the credit card bills. However, those who do not have a credit card or do not want to use one can purchase a washing machine on EMIs using their debit card. Here is a stepwise procedure:

  • Select a washing machine to buy
  • Look at the payment options and opt for EMI on a debit card
  • Fill out the card details and other required information
  • Scan and upload the necessary documents
  • Select a repayment tenure with conveniently affordable EMIs
  • Enter the delivery address to place the order 

Although the buyer uses a debit card to order the washing machine, they do not need to pay the entire cost upfront. They only pay a small down payment from their bank account, and a finance company pays the remaining amount. Then the buyer gets the EMI amount automatically deducted from their bank account each month on the due date.

Don’t worry about a bacterial exchange in household washing machines anymore. Purchase a debit card EMI washing machine now and buy a new one without stretching the finances.

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