Axis Bank Personal Loan Application Process Both Online/Offline

You have a wide range of loan options when you reach Axis Bank. And its personal loan helps you meet any financial obligations no matter how big or small is your need. The rate of interest applicable to the loan begins from 10.49% per annum. This is the most affordable personal loan interest rate among private lenders. Read this page to know more about the Axis Bank Personal Loan.

When to Apply for an Axis Bank Personal Loan?

You can apply for the Axis  Personal Loan in case of the following situations –


As you know Indian Weddings are known for their grand nature and multiple functions in-between. But if you haven’t saved some money for the special day of your life, there could be a problem managing it under the income. 

It could be manageable if you apply for an Axis Bank Personal Loan. Check your eligibility online and see whether the loan will meet your requirements. If it does, apply for the loan right away.


We all know a child’s higher studies are expensive and sometimes the savings just could meet the requirements. Here, Axis Bank Personal Loan comes to your rescue and provides you with a lump sum amount to meet the education expenses.


Are you hospitalized? Or any of your family members seeking medical treatment/surgery? If yes, apply for a personal loan with Axis Bank. The bank loan processing time is not so long and you can get the money in no time. So, the bills can be paid without any hassle.

Affordability of Axis Bank Personal Loan

You can afford the Axis Bank Personal Loan in your monthly income. As the repayment is allowed in equated monthly installments. So, with a little management of the monthly budget, you can meet the EMI needs.

For this, you could take the help of the EMI calculator. This is present on the bank’s official website. To use the calculator, enter the following –

  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Tenure

Check out this example for more information on the tool works –

Sonia needs a lump sum of money for her brother’s college admission and she is lacking INR 3 Lakh. One day, she came to know about Axis Bank Personal Loan from her colleague. She visited the bank website and uses the EMI calculator to see how it will impact her income –

  • Loan amount – INR 3 Lakh
  • Interest rate – 11.00% per annum
  • Tenure – 60 months

Well, Sonia’s EMI according to the calculator is INR 6,523. This is affordable for her so she proceeds with the loan application.

How to Apply for an Axis Bank Personal Loan When You’re at Home?

If you are at home and need a lump sum amount to meet your financial needs, follow the below steps to apply for an Axis Bank Personal Loan Online –

  • Visit the bank website
  • Go to the loan section and find a personal loan
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button present on the page
  • Fill in your details in the online application form such as name, email mobile, etc.
  • Now, you will get a call from the bank
  • Answer the call and know more about the bank’s conditions on the personal loan
  • If your request is approved, an SMS or email will be sent to you

What are Other Ways to Apply for an Axis Bank Personal Loan?

You can apply offline by following the below instructions –

  • Visit the bank branch, to locate the same go to the bank website 
  • Have a chat with the bank representative on the personal loan
  • he/she will hand you an application form
  • Fill in the form, attach your passport size photographs and other supporting documents
  • Submit the form at the counter and wait for the bank’s response

So, if you are in a financial crisis, use any of the above two methods to get a personal loan. By getting this you can have an affordable Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate.

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