Arrange Your Firearm Transfers Through a Nashville Gun Range

Our Nashville gun range handles firearm transfers from Federal Firearm License (FFL) sellers pretty much anywhere in the United States. The Franklin and Nashville locations sell ammunition and accessories. The firearm transfer service is an underappreciated offering at quite a few places. The better gun ranges in the greater Nashville area do far more than rent shooting lanes and hold some basic firearm-related classes. If you’ve never contemplated an FFL transfer and aren’t quite sure how it works, this post explains the process.


How to Buy or Sell a Gun Through a Dealer

The law requires all online sales and interstate transactions to through a local outlet with a federal firearms license (FFL). When you purchase or sell a gun, your first thought is probably to work with a gun store in the area. That makes perfect sense because they sell firearms and ammunition. But, some gun ranges also handle firearms transfer. An FFL transfer is simply the process of sending a firearm from one licensed dealer to another. Note that all transfers must come from a licensed dealer or manufacturer, never from an individual.

Here are the general steps in an FFL transfer:

  1. Complete a transfer form describing the dealer and firearm.
  2. The person requesting the transfer pays a state transfer fee and a handling fee set by the dealer.
  3. The sending dealer and receiving dealer will trade FFL information.
  4. The seller/sender will package and ship the order. Shipping typically takes a few days.
  5. The receiving business will process the order and notify the buyer. Tracking notifications from UPS and similar can only tell you when the package has reached its destination, not that the dealer has processed the delivery.

Many dealers also have additional rules or procedures they expect customers to follow. If you want to transfer a gun through Nashville Armory, you will want to bring it in a gun case or bag. While visiting the range or while waiting to receive that order, you can do some shopping or more. Your dealer transfer fees will vary depending on store policies, providing incomplete information, and so on.

Things to Do at Our Nashville Gun Range

Once you’ve received your gun, you might want to enhance your shooting skills with indoor range practice and a class or two. Consider taking a class while waiting for that delivery. Is it your first shotgun? Sign up for a class.

Are you interested in personal protection? Armory Ranges has classes on defensive shooting with a handgun, AR-style rifle, or shotgun. These defensive courses cover basics and beyond, as effective self-defense requires learning and practicing a variety of skills. Course offerings at Armory Ranges go beyond shooting, to cover first aid, gunsmithing, and an introduction to various types of firearms.

More than just lane rentals. Why not look for a Nashville gun range that offers classes on a range of topics. What about some unexpected topics, like gunsmithing? What about specialized instruction in using firearms for self-defense? Private training is also available.

Firearms Transfers, Shopping, and Training in Two Convenient Locations

Buying a gun from out of the area doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can arrange an FFL transfer at either Armory Ranges location. Nashville Armory and Franklin Range are full-service stops for gun owners with modern indoor shooting ranges, classes on a wide range of firearms topics, online classes, and retail stores. Our Nashville gun range also includes an event space with room for 20 and an LED TV for presentations and videos. Contact us to find out more about range rentals in our Nashville-area shooting ranges.

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