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Are there any Chinese NBA players?

What is NBA?

Before getting into anything else, it would be better to discuss certain details regarding NBA. It is actually a professional basketball league in North America. It consists of 30 teams, 29 from the USA and one from Canada.

So, now as we move further, the given question is very common people do ask this due to curiosity. Chinese people are generally short in height, and therefore there cannot be many playing basketball. So, it is true there are not many Chinese NBA players, but still, we cannot say that there are no NBA players from China. If we go by more precise numbers, then we can say that there are 4 Chinese players associated with NBA. So, here further in the guide, we will see some more details about them with the motive of providing the best information regarding the players of NBA from china.

Tall in height basketball NBA players from China- 

As we have already discussed above, there are 4 Chinese NBA players all of them are very tall. If we go by exact figures, then Yao Ming is 7 foot 6 inches, then there is Wang Zhi Zhi, who is 7 feet 1 inch, and also there is Mengke Bateer,, who is 7 feet in height. He is always referred to as the “Walking Great wall.” Other than these 3, there is a fourth player as well who is 7 feet in height. His name is Yi Jianlian.

But, we cannot just stop with the details here only. There is still more that is really important to be discussed. Putting it all in precise words, we will here further see more details related to the Chinese NBA Players as in the names which have been mentioned here.

Details about Wang Zhi Zhi- 

He is, as we have discussed, above 7 foot 1 inch in height from Beijing. In the year 1999, he became the first among the Chinese NBA players. He is born out of two former basketball players. He is very good at 3-point shots. Also, he is a pro at the skyhook, and also he is capable to dunk in all directions.

Other than all of this, he also played for Bayi Rockets. Wang did a good lead for the team. As a result, his team got into 6 CBA championships. He was a commander in the People’s Liberation Army at the time when he played, so the generals from LPA were not in favor of him playing for the NBA.

Details about Yi Jianlian- 

Talking about him, we can say that he was always admiring NBA by watching it all on the television. Also, he shared his exciting experience of his early days when he saw the Chinese National Team playing in the USA in 2002.

If we go as per the coaches, they said their priority was to make him into an A-grade player. His starting practice was too slow. He admitted that he was under immense pressure, and playing in NBA was not really very easy.

But as it comes to Chinese players, there are a lot of doubts that you get to deal with. It is so because most of Chinese people are short in height. It is about the genes. If we talk about the height of a Chinese male on average, then it is somewhere around 5 feet 6 inches. But these days it is seen that they are taller than that. Various health experts often come up with doubts. They do feel that either the Chinese NBA players are taking some sort of growth hormone, or there is also a chance that they are trying to make some genetic changes artificially in the fetuses.

The Chinese Players and athletes are often of the belief that when it comes to sports like basketball or when it comes to making it to being Chinese NBA players, then there they do lack the required skill and talent. So, they do try to make it up for that with their tall heights.

This difference in the heights can also be because of some difference in the zone you are living in. If we go by what a sports agent had to say, then he can be quoted as saying, “If foreigners think the Chinese people aren’t big, it’s because for years they’ve seen only people from Guangzhou or Hong Kong. It’s true that south of the Yangtze River, most people are short. There they say to big guys — they call them ‘long guys’ — ‘You’re wasting clothes!” But people north of the Yangtze can be very big.”

The tallest Chinese NBA player- 

Out of all the Chinese NBA players here, we will talk about the one who was the tallest his name is Sun Ming Ming. His height was 7 feet 6 inches. This Chinese NBA player had very long hands. He could catch a ball with just one hand and also could make a jump shot with the other.

But, the secret to his long height is a very serious medical condition; he had a tumor attached to his pituitary gland, due to which his gland started producing excessive growth hormone. This not only made him overgrown in height but also affected other parts of his body as well, and this condition may have further led to his death as well.

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So, here is all the information for the Chinese NBA players. This guide would be your best source to get all the information that you are looking around for. If other than all the information provided here you still find it lacking somewhere then you can further explore the internet for more, and you can get the exact information you are looking for. Other than that, you can also confine yourself to reading the various sports columns that are written by many sports and gaming experts. This guide can be taken as proof that there are Chinese players playing through NBA, which is the National Basketball Association.

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