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I recently speculated that the hardworking folks at Friday night funkin unblocked games 911 might be developing a new wireless gaming headset. Every other major competitor in the gaming headset space already has at least one model that has cut the cord, and wireless connectivity is now a big part of the growth in the audio industry.

HyperX then tweeted a photo of various headphone stands.

“fearsome!” I said in my head. They will make it happen!

However, they did not follow through.


A Look At Hyperx Cloud Alpha

HyperX’s latest headset, the Cloud Alpha, can be purchased for $99. Does it seem so?

The old Takstar Pro 80 design, which was the basis for most of the previous Cloud headsets, was used as the basis for this new design, with the only major difference between the two being the perforations in the earcup forks.

On the other hand, it seems that they don’t cooperate with Star until now.



The cable can now be unplugged from its connector. Yes! Cloud II has needed this feature for almost two years. At this price point, detachable cables are now the norm, and we can only hope that Razer starts implementing it as well.

The drivers have been upgraded to 50mm and are housed in a new “dual chamber” earpiece. I have my doubts in this regard. These are likely the same controllers that Friday night funkin unblocked games 911 designed for the Cloud Revolver, suggesting that the Takstar Pro 80 controllers have been discontinued for good. While I enjoyed the sound produced by these drivers, I guess it’s wise to eventually remove them after you’ve used them for such a significant amount of time. However, they were comparable to the DT770 controllers but cost much less.

I really hope the new ones sound good. So, for the moment, I will choose to have a positive outlook.

The cushions are level and the headband is raised and stretched. I have no doubt they will be welcome. One of the few companies, HyperX is the only company that goes out of its way to make each of its gaming headsets ridiculously comfortable.



Based on what we currently know, I have only three criticisms. But they are making my life a bit more difficult.

They got rid of some extras. The price has not changed, md cloud which is $99. However, the package does not include additional ear pads or a USB sound card.


Given The Existence Of Logitech G433, It Will Be Difficult To Convince People To Buy This Product

As it turns out, at the bottom of this page Friday night funkin unblocked games 911 includes a chart comparing the Cloud Alpha to the G433, giving the impression that the Alpha is superior in terms of the features it offers. However, they fail to mention that the G433 comes with extra ear pads as well as a DTS Headphone:X sound card. They also leave out the fact that its 40mm drivers are made from a proprietary low-distortion mesh material, hopefully. He believes that a larger driver size is better.


(Bigger Controllers Are Not Necessarily Better)

If I wanted to be super picky, the Alpha would actually sit lower on this chart than HyperX’s previous Cloud II model. It’s kind of fun, isn’t it?

It’s not the end of the world that these benefits aren’t included, but it will be hard to compete against Razer and Logitech’s headsets in the market because they don’t come standard. That is, unless the sound quality is absolutely phenomenal.

They do not work wirelessly. HyperX already offers a wide variety of wired headsets that can be purchased at various price points. At least for those who use computers, this new one probably should have been a broken vrbo bachelor’s degree. I know that installing wireless connectivity is often more difficult for console gamers because of unclear manufacturer requirements requiring a complete base station to be installed.


Will Alpha Finally Have An Updated Version With Wi-Fi Connectivity? Probably? Wait

Unless, of course, HyperX is ridiculously wedded to the idea of ​​cable gaming.

However, Logitech and Corsair have wireless devices that fall into this price range, while Razer and Steelseries aren’t far behind. So it seems odd to introduce a major new wired headset at this point without permission. At least there’s a hint that a wireless variant is on the way.

They already have the Revolver available for customers looking for a premium corded product. Your contract with TalkStar may have expired.

To clarify, I would say the exact same thing if it was available through a particular merchant rather than another.

In my view, situations like this really escalate when they occur. I have no doubt that Friday night funkin unblocked games 911 spent some money on this opportunity, and I have no doubt that they hope that gamers who are obsessed with headphones, such as myself, in their stores. Will buy one instead of waiting for a special period to go and buy one. Their rank

However, headsets are not the same as game lerner and rowe net worth consoles. In order to sell hardware to consumers, consoles must have access to unique software. Headphones are a completely separate line of business.

Nowadays, one has access to specialized peripherals for stores It’s not uncommon…

However, rather than being “full-on” exclusives, these exclusives are usually limited to a specific color or edition. I’d be less disappointed if GameStop had a special edition alpha but could still buy the standard version elsewhere.

I really hope the business is profitable for HyperX. GameStop must have given them a hefty check. They can plan to emphasize it heavily in their marketing. Or maybe HyperX is trying to make the most of a difficult situation (limited supply, soft launch, etc.) by doing this.

I will hold off on buying and reviewing them until they are available in all stores.


Comments At The End

This is the first Friday night funkin unblocked games 911 headset I’ve ever used and felt something was missing from the experience. In most cases, they produce products that are quite attractive to consumers. I can’t wait to test how it sounds and it’s in my head… However, it’s strange that they didn’t include wireless connectivity and other extras in the box, as well as surround sound technology. .

There’s already a headset Logitech is selling at this price that absolutely destroys the Alpha in terms of what it packs, and it does a great job whether you’re gaming on PC or console.

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