Android app development in 5 Easy Steps

Android app development can be a tough task altogether but it’s a lot what you can attain just through an android application. Create the next big thing for your business, that changes the way you take your business forward. Wondering how to develop an android application.

Here are the five steps in the journey-

· Download tools you require

Its important to create a development environment to make your desktop ready for supporting android app development goals. For the development, one requires to have Android Studio and Android SDK. Android Studio is by far the best place for most of the people to start developing app. Moreover, setting up the same is also quite an easy and convenient task without involving a lot of hassle.

· Start a New Project

Once you have android studio on your machine, the next step is to kickstart a new project! Though that’s a simple & straight process but you would require to make a few decisions which can impact in the further app development journey ahead. Follow the instructions right from selecting File-tap new- tap new project, here you can select a project template. This can define and showcase the code and UI elements that will be included in the new application exactly when it loads.

· Stay Well-Versed with the Latest in Android App Development

When already in development, its better to know what’s going around. It would be great if you choose a package name for your new application. This name should compliment your audience requirements and likings, should be easily relatable. Also, the package name is mostly used for an internal reference used by Android for differentiating it from the rest in the competition. This should be composed by using the top level domain including domain name and app name.

· Understand the Files Listed

Many android app developers are often confused when they first got started with android app development. There are multiple files, types of code, folders and so much more. After getting started with the new file, follow the process from choosing my application to app- src-main-java-com-company name and finally arrive at my application. The folders are used for android app development as they make use of android studio and gradle for finding out everything and building it correctly.

· App Testing

The first and foremost thing one is supposed to do while familiarizing oneself with any programing language is to create an app that gets ready and launches real quick. One should have an android emulator set up which is ready to go! You can further make setting changes for the virtual device if required.

Wrapping Up

As you get more advanced, you have to make good use of android app development services. Though the tools are not that complicated, one needs to stay in line the latest going on in the market. Still confused where to head to? Find the right android app development company and get started with the development instantly with the help of right developers.

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