An Overview of Melanoma Skin Cancer & How To Prevent It

Melanoma is one of the most deadly skin cancers which is well known. Many people don’t know the facts. This information is valuable and could save lives. You can learn more now to take better protection & prevention action immediately.

Symptoms of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Hidden melanomas are more common among people with darker skin.

The most common melanoma skin cancer symptoms and signs are:

  • Changes in an existing mole
  • Your skin may develop a new, unusually-looking, or pigmented growth.

Melanoma does not always start as a mole. Melanoma can also appear on normal-appearing skin.

Who is most affected by Melanoma?

A young person is most likely to develop this type of cancer.

Melanoma is often ranked first or second on national charts as the most common type of cancer among people aged 15 to 39. 

As we age, our risk of developing melanoma rises. The average age at diagnosis is 65. Melanoma can be found in anyone younger than 30, but it isn’t uncommon. It’s actually one of the most common types of skin cancer in young adults, especially among young women.

It is also one of the most deadly types of cancer that affect young people. Young people and seniors should take the appropriate steps to prevent mole development, including regular mole checks.

Can Skin Cancer Grow Anywhere?

Anywhere on the skin can develop cancerous growths.

There is a common misconception that melanoma only can form in areas of the body most exposed to sunlight. Although they can be found in the back and front of the legs, cancerous growths may appear on the inner sides of the thighs, the buttocks, and the soles, or feet. You must examine every inch of your body when you do a self-exam.

Avoid Sunbed for preventing Melanoma

Sunbed use is linked to an increased risk of developing melanoma.

Sunbed use, which is more than 10 times per year, can increase your risk of developing skin cancer by up to 74%. Because the UV radiation from these facilities penetrates the skin more deeply than the sun. It causes more damage to skin cells. 

Use Sun Protection Clothing & Sunscreen:

The sun’s UV rays can cause skin damage, so clothing does not provide complete protection.

Although clothing made of light, tightly woven fabrics and in light colours provides some protection, it is not sufficient. It is best to seek shade between morning 11 to evening 5. Even if this isn’t possible, sunscreen should be applied to areas that are not covered by clothing. Before you apply your clothes, let the lotion or cream absorb completely.

Regular Mole Check

Malignant growths look very similar to common moles. They may not be noticed for long periods of time because of this. 

If you notice any new growths on your skin, especially if they are growing quickly, make sure you keep an eye on them. Consult your dermatologist regularly to ensure your moles aren’t growing.

The Takeaway

To lower your chance of developing melanoma, take all the necessary precautions.

For early detection and prevention of Melanoma, use an advanced dermatological technique. You and your family can be protected in the most effective manner.

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