An Overview Of K12 Education In India

At present, there is no industry that has been untouched by growing technology. So, there is a huge impact of technology on the education and learning sector too. It adds new modes in the education system and k12 education is amongst them. Hence, in this post, we are giving you an overview of k12 education in India.

# What is k12 education?

The concept of k12 education has changed the conventional way of providing education to the children and certified the basic elementary education from kindergarten to 12th grade. Primary and secondary education is called K-12 education and involves more teacher and student communication.

In the education system-

  1. K stands for Kindergarten
  2. 12 stands for 12th grade that includes kindergarten to pre-university education in India.

In the K-12 Education System, teachers play a significant role and also encourage question and answer sessions.

# K-12 Education in India 

In the education system of India, K-12 Education has brought about extreme changes. At present, the K12 education system is made obligatory to be adopted by the state as well as central government schools. This type of education system was formed for increasing the interaction between students and teachers for operational learning and teaching prospects. For developing the K12 education system all over India, the government is taking many initiatives too.

Teachers are putting lots of effort to improve the learning consequences with effective interaction. Moreover, in enhancing learning opportunities for students technology plays a significant role. The schools are developing and applying classroom activities so that they can help students to improve their physical and academic skills.  Hence, with the help of technology, advanced learning platforms have certainly changed the way students learn and teachers teach.

The K12 education system is based on supporting individual attention. The students are encouraged by their teachers for adding value to their assignments. It can be in the form of personal ideas and views that makes this system more valuable as compared to the conventional education systems. Additionally, it lets the students take part in numerous discussion clubs and mediums for presenting their views and ideas in an efficient manner.

# Purpose of K12 Education System in India 

  1. K12 education aims to offer personalized education to each and every student so that there is a possibility of improvement in their learning.
  2. This system allows students to work together with others by exchanging and sharing their ideas.
  3. Teachers are able to conduct classes with various types of learning creative activities for students that create their interest and help in learning effectively.

# Final Words

In India, K-12 education has reformed the education system. It introduced technology to the classrooms as well as changes the method of teaching and syllabus. With the infusion of technology, textbooks are no longer the prime source. Moreover, K12 education in India improving its pace in the existing education system. Now schools are implementing the platform contributing their best to the growth and development of the education system in the nation. Hence, we hope that this post will surely help you in knowing about what is k12 education and gaining knowledge regarding K12 education in India

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