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Amped Extender Signal LED won’t Turn On? Here’s the Fix!

The Amped wireless range extender consists of various LED lights that signify different things. One such LED light is the Signal Strength LED. It determines the fineness of the WiFi signal that your Amped extender is receiving. It has three states. In the first state, it glows solid green, in the second state it blinks green, whereas it won’t glow in the third case. If the Signal LED on your extender won’t turn on in the third case, then it is a matter of concern. If you are also dying to see the Signal LED turning green on your Amped extender, this post has been penned down for you.

Here, we will not only share the reasons but also the tips to solve the problem you are facing. Continue reading.

Signal LED Won’t Turn On [Solved]

Fix 1- Do Firmware Update

Access the Amped range extender login page and update the firmware of your WiFi device first. This is because, at times, an outdated version of the extender’s firmware is unable to determine the correct signal strength. As a result, the LED light won’t turn on. Keep in mind that the firmware of your extender acts as its charge. If you keep it updated, everything will be in good shape. Otherwise, consequences can be eerier than the one you are already seeing.

To update your Amped range extender’s firmware, visit, log in to your device, and upload the newest version of the Amped firmware on the Firmware Upgrade window. However, consider not playing games or switching the tabs amidst the process. Doing so might interrupt the updating of the firmware.

Fix 2- Reboot Your Amped Extender

Sometimes, technical glitches are the reasons that won’t allow the Signal LED on your Amped extender to glow green. These glitches can also give refuge to other extender-related issues. Thus, before you find yourself in another problem, reboot your Amped extender.

The rebooting process is the simplest hack that can be executed by a beginner too. What you have to do is, unplug your extender from the power socket, leave it for a while, and re-plug the Amped device into the wall socket. Now, see whether the Signal LED is still off or not.

Fix 3- Improve the Extender-Router Connection

The connection between your Amped range extender and the host router has a great impact on the WiFi signal strength. In other words, the strength of the WiFi signals is directly proportional to that of the connection between your Amped extender and the host router. The stronger the extender-router connection, the ease of the accessibility of the Amped wireless setup wizard.

But, the thing you should consider is the source of connection between your WiFi devices. If it is wireless, then you have to place the WiFi devices a little closer, But, do not reduce the distance to zero. In case you have made a wired connection, consider checking the condition of the Ethernet cable. It must be in a working state and properly fitted into the ports of your extender and the main router.

Fix 4- Remove WiFi Interference

Apart from the aforesaid reasons, another prominent thing forcing your Amped extender’s signal LED to turn off is WiFi interference. WiFi interference is a hindrance in the route of your extender’s signals. It means the more the hurdles, the lesser the signal strength. So, what you can do is reduce the WiFi interference.

For this, relocate your Amped range extender and place it inside the center of a spacious room. Also, ensure that no reflexive surfaces, metal objects, water bodies, heavy electrical appliances, and Bluetooth gadgets surround your Amped WiFi extender. Else, turning the Signal LED’s status to green will remain a dream for you.

Fix 5- Reset the Extender

Lastly, the Signal Strength LED light on your Amped range extender might also not glow if you haven’t configured your device properly. Bear in mind that your extender will be able to receive signals if it is set up correctly. Thus, you need to reset your Amped.

To do Amped extender reset, find the Reset button on your WiFi device and press it carefully. After a moment or two, your Amped extender will no longer operate on customized settings. It means you can configure it again. So, consider accessing the Amped setup wizard.

Final Words

That’s all about what to do to turn the status of Signal Strength LED on your Amped range extender to green. Bidding adieu with the hope that you will be able to fix the problem you were facing in an easy manner.

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