All You Need To Know About Aerosol Can Actuators

The actuator is frequently the component of the product packaging that aerosol users overlook the most. While most people are aware that the actuator is the component that dispenses the product, few are aware that it also controls the fineness of the spray, the amount of product dispersed, and even how the product is applied.

The actuator can greatly impact an end user’s experience with a product because it regulates all of the finer details of how a product is dispersed, including the length of the spray, the size of the mist, and how the can is held. 

Different types of aerosol can actuators are utilized for various product consistencies. When attached to a can of shaving cream, an actuator designed for liquid products won’t be very useful.

How do The Actuators work?

The amount of product dispensed and the product spray’s fineness are both controlled by the actuator. The valve opens when you press down on it. The pressurized propellant tries to escape the can when the valve opens, releasing pressure from the aerosol can’s top. The product-filled bag, on the other hand, prevents the propellant from escaping; as a result, the propellant pushes on the bag, and the propellant forces the product out of the aerosol cans actuator.

Signs That The Actuator Is Damaged

The aerosol can actuator is probably the cause of the issue if there is obviously a sizable amount of product inside the can, but it won’t open. Another clue is whether the product sprays properly or if it sprays but does not atomize properly, or if it drips rather than spraying. Uneven coverage or product that drips or squirts out rather than spraying are indications of a poorly atomized product.

How to Repair a Damaged Actuator

Most people try to unclog the actuator with a pin if they believe it is clogged because they believe it must be if the product isn’t coming out properly. But the issue will almost certainly get worse as a result.

A simple replacement of an actuator is the best repair method. Utilizing the actuator from an empty can of the same product is the most efficient method. If you are unable to quickly remove the aerosol can actuator, it is best to purchase a new can. In your attempt to remove the damaged actuator, you run the risk of damaging the valve or puncturing the can, both of which can have serious consequences.

Bottom Line 

Products ranging from Home & Garden to Beauty & Personal Care are used in aerosol dispensers. The workhorse of aerosol products is the actuator. They are not only the component of the aerosol that customers interact with the most, but they are also the component that customers depend on to disperse the product and complete the task at hand. 

From the moment a customer first sees your product on a store shelf until the very last spray of the product, aerosol can actuators can have an impact on their interaction with and perception of it.

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