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All-Over-Printing: Tips To Sell Your All-Over-Print Shirts

The all-over printing shirts technique can be described as the printing method in which every inch of the garment is printed. If you want to determine whether the selected garment is all-over printed or not, then you should consider checking seams, hem, and various other regions such as zippers.

It is not available in another popular type of printing garment approach. If you want to design an all-over-print custom t-shirt, then you should place it over the flat surface. After that, you should start printing on the top of the t-shirt. All exposed parts will be printed.

In case, you observe the interior of the garment is also printed, then it means the fabric is already printing before sewing. It is one of the traditional and effective ways of printing t-shirt. But you should not confuse all-over-print with oversize print.

The large size or oversize prints are obtained by making prints with the help of large screens. Now, the difference between oversize print and large size print is clear. So, let’s discuss various steps which are involved in creating all-over-print Shirts. If you want to sell custom all-over-print shirts in your store, then you should consider the points which are mentioned below:

1. Select Type Of Custom All-Over-Print Shirts

The custom all over print shirts is categorized into two different types. The first one is sublimated and the second one is cut & sewn. It is clear from the name of cut-and-sewn print shirts that these shirts are created after printing design over the fabric.

Once the design is printed over the fabric, then this fabric is used for creating shirts. On the other hand, the sublimated shirts are those over which the design is created after sewing the shirts.  

2. Know About Different Materials

Do you know that the different type of ink is absorbed differently by different types of fabrics? Therefore, you should wisely choose the fabric of the shirt. You should know how different printing inks are absorbed by different types of materials. For instance, the dye-sublimation ink is not good for cotton fabric, but it is good for polyester fabric.

3. Order a sample

Before hiring any printing service provider, you should consider asking for a sample. You should see the quality of the final product before placing bulk order. If you do not want to face surprises, then hire reliable printing professionals and ask for a sample.

By checking the quality of the sample, you can have peace of mind that you will have good quality printing results. For instance, if you want to place an order for custom sublimation shirts, then ask for a sample of sublimation printed shirts.

4. Do Necessary Adjustments

You should do the necessary adjustments in your garment which is required after placing an order for the sample. It is recommended that you should consider this step as your personal quality check. If you passed this step then skip it.

You should consider taking a second opinion to get double surety. If you want to get a second opinion, then you should consider taking advice from the people falling inside the group of targeted niche. If you take advice from someone who is not under your targeted niche, then you may not get good advice.

5. Select The Location For Selling Shirts

You should make the decision where you want to sell your custom all-over-print shirts. Where do you want to set up your store or e-commerce platform? If you want to quickly get a huge volume of customers for your brand, then you should sell the custom printed shirts through the physical store and online mode as well.

There are various e-commerce platforms where you can start selling your shirts such as Shopify, Etsy, and BigCommerce. If you do not want to use these online selling platforms, then you can set up your websites for selling custom all-over-print shirts. You can use Shopify to make your website for selling custom all-over-print shirts.

6. Set Price Of Shirt

You should set the highly competitive price of your custom print shirt so that you can easily get more and more customers for your product. You should do research and determine the right price for your product.

We recommend you to check the similar items which are selling on websites like Amazon or Etsy. You should find out your goals and objectives so that you can easily decide the right price.

7. Market Your Custom

You should do efficient marketing of your product so that more and more people get to know what you are selling. It is a good idea to spread the word and gain the trust of your targeted customers.

We recommend you to use social media platforms because most people are there. You can easily find your targeted customers and increase your sale.

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