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A beautiful occasion, it’s mother’s day 2022

The second Sunday of May is celebrated as international mother’s day. This is a special occasion where every child gifts something to his or her mother. Back in the older days when you and I were in school, we used to make beautiful creative greeting cards for our mothers. Those were such precious moments. Different TV shows on kids’ network channels were telecasted to help children learn art and craft. MAD was once are show which taught us different designs which could be made out of paper. Our mothers enjoyed their kid’s greetings and designs for her. As we grew maturity engulfed our personalities and we lost the charm of childhood. Those happy moments always busy creating some other thing are now part of our memories. But even today when it is the occasion of mother’s day, everyone wants to give the precious thing. Some live in far from cities because of education or job, in this condition, it is nearly impossible to come and gift your mother a beautiful present. But this issue has a solution. We used to go to the local market to buy things similarly there is an online gift shop from where we can buy gifts for her. Thanks to Oye Gifts! Now, these gifts can be delivered online within hours. We will explore some of the gift options:


essential for every woman, this can be given as a mother’s day gift. It is a necessity nowadays. Different bags are needed for different occasions. Women need a clutch or handbag for parties, office, or shopping. There is a combination of bags available which can be gifted. This serves the purpose of carrying different bags on different occasions. Depending upon the colors and designs the best one can be selected.


mothers love greenery and some of them are interested in gardening. It will be a pleasant surprise for them if you will send them plants as a mother’s day gift. There is a variety of plants available which can be ordered.
3 Layer Bamboo Exuberance

Lucky bamboo-

It is considered a lucky charm and when it is gifted it brings prosperity along with it. Mothers believe in lucky charms so this gift is going to be the most wonderful gift for her.

Money plants

It enhances the beauty of the place where they are kept. Money plants are not only beautiful but also enhance the ambiance of the place.

Indoor plants

these days there is a trend going on of keeping indoor plants in the drawing-room or living room. These are shade plants that can grow in little or no sunlight. Also, they don’t need too much water. What they need is a little sprinkle of water droplets once in two days.
Charming Indoor Plants

Bonsai plants

they are small cute plants that look beautiful. They are one of the most trendy gifts one can think of. This can be gifted as a mother’s day present.

Personalized gifts

your mother is a working woman or a housemaker, this gift is going to be a pleasant surprise. There are many things that can be customized by printing a beautiful photograph upon it along with some message. The personalized gifts range from coffee mugs, water bottles, lamps, cushions, etc. Depending upon the size of the gift photographs can be printed. For example, a coffee mug can contain one or two photographs whereas a lamp can contain 6 photographs. This is a useful gift you must try.

Flower combinations

a bouquet makes the day happy. Flowers automatically enhance and uplift the mood. Receiving a bouquet as a surprise fills in the day with love and happiness. There are many flowers which can be thought of as a gift. The rose bouquet has varieties like the pink roses bouquet, the red roses bouquet, the yellow roses bouquet, the multicolor roses bouquet, etc. Apart from roses, there are flowers like lilies and orchids which make a beautiful bouquet. If in a Hurry, gifting a flower bouquet is the best option.

Various gift hampers

this is a combination of two or more gifts that forms an elegant surprise. There are gifts such as cake and flower bouquets, a coffee mug with the tagline ‘hey mom’ along with dark chocolate, a pillow which has an image of you and your mother upon it, and two-layered lucky bamboos planted in a glass vase, etc.
Wish Your MOM happy Mothers Day


last but not least, this gift is evergreen in nature. When you cannot think of anything trust gifting your mother a basket full of varieties of chocolates. She will love these delicious delicacies.
Mother’s day is a special day and everyone should gift their mother something which makes her day. She is the one who takes your care every time without even asking, therefore it is our duty to make her feel special every day. The options should be tried to give her a beautiful smile.

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