7 Natural Remedies to treat Malaria at Home

Malaria is an infectious disease which is caused by parasites and spread through the bite of infected mosquitoes. It causes fevers, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and more. If left untreated, it can cause organ failure and even death within days or weeks of infection. Luckily, there are many natural remedies you can use to treat malaria at home. These remedies are much safer than the chemical medications prescribed by doctors. Here are 7 Natural Remedies to treat Malaria.

Mint Leaves

The tea that mint leaves produce is one of the effective natural remedies to treat malaria. It helps calm nausea, vomiting and dizziness. If you are dealing with malaria or even food poisoning, brew up some strong mint tea and sip on it slowly. It is good for treating stomach pain associated with malaria as well.

Drink a cup of mint tea when you feel nausea coming on and it should help you recover more quickly. If your fever is also high, do not consume too much mint tea because it may irritate your stomach further.

Mint leaves are an excellent source of magnesium so if you aren’t getting enough in your diet, try adding more mint to your cooking and drinking habits.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is great for our bodies. Carrots are full of vitamins and minerals. It can help you fight off infectious diseases such as malaria by preventing cell damage and strengthening your immune system.

Drinking carrot juice on a regular basis will increase your energy levels and give you a burst of antioxidants that allow your body to fight disease. Here is how you can drink carrot juice to treat malaria:

  • Take a few carrots (organic if possible).
  • Juice all of them in a juicer or food processor.
  • Drink immediately or store in an airtight container in your refrigerator for up to 24 hours.
  • Drink one glass every day until symptoms subside.
  • Resume drinking once every other day until no longer needed.

Remember: Be sure to always use organic carrots because non-organic carrots may be sprayed with pesticides that could make your condition worse. Also, avoid eating raw or undercooked carrots because they contain carcinogens that could lead to stomach cancer over time.

If you don’t have access to fresh organic carrots then you can also buy carrot juice from any health food store or grocery store instead. But use only when needed because it is not nearly as effective as fresh carrot juice.

Dried Plum Juice


Raw papaya fruit

Raw papaya is usually considered an extremely healthy fruit. It contains powerful anti-parasitic properties that can help fight off malaria. Papaya contains proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes.

These enzymes help to fight against Plasmodium vivax parasite. Plasmodium vivax is a parasite which is responsible for spreading malaria.

Simply eat a few slices of raw papaya along with your other home remedies. 

Note: People who had recent surgery should not use this remedy as papaya has been shown to inhibit blood clotting.

Tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves are one of India’s most widely used home remedies for malaria. They contain a natural chemical called Quinine which is an effective treatment for malaria. 

But quinine can also cause serious side effects such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and increased heart rate in some people who consume it. Therefore, tulsi leaves provide a safe alternative in place of quinine without worrying about any harmful side effects.

Consuming tulsi leaves or drinking their tea is an easy way to treat and prevent malaria naturally.

How to prepare the remedy:

  • Boil two teaspoons of dried tulsi leaves in water until you get a cupful of decoction.
  • Drink two cups every day until your symptoms subside.
  • You can also add honey to make your tea more palatable.

If you want to get rid of malaria completely, you should drink two cups every day for three days before going back to your normal diet.

Hot water with lemon juice, honey and salt

This recipe will help you fight against malaria and its symptoms. This remedy is known for its healing powers and is one of the most popular ways to treat malaria.

Start drinking hot water with lemon juice, honey and salt every day, twice a day until you feel better. Another way of consuming it is by drinking hot water with lime juice every morning on an empty stomach for a few days.

Also, note that both citrus fruits contain quinine, a substance used in many anti-malarial drugs.

Another great thing about lemon juice is that it stimulates your liver which helps excrete toxins out of your body. If you can’t consume any citrus fruit due to allergies or other health issues, try using apple cider vinegar instead.

Feverfew plant

Feverfew is another natural remedy to treat malaria. It is a perennial herb that has been used for centuries in folk medicine as a way to relieve headaches and muscle pain. While not yet proven by scientific research, feverfew’s active ingredient (parthenolide) may also help treat fevers, particularly if they are accompanied by chills or flu-like symptoms.

The side effects of taking feverfew include sleepiness and, rarely, rash. Feverfew is available in capsule form and you can find it in most health food stores. Always talk with your doctor before adding feverfew to your regimen, especially if you are on any medication.

When to consult your doctor

If you are travelling to a malaria-prone region, take preventive medication. If you have contracted the disease, go to the doctor immediately for treatment. However, if it is more than a day or two after contracting malaria and you are feeling better, consider waiting a few days before seeking medical treatment. Your doctor will recommend how long to wait depending on how severe your symptoms were initially.

A few days later you may be able to get the same results with far fewer complications from over-the-counter remedies as opposed to prescription drugs. Lariago is the most effective medicine against malaria. If you want to know more about Lariago, read Lariago Tablet Uses.

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