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7 Email Marketing Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimisation

Email marketing might seem like the oldest marketing strategy in the book, but it is also one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to optimise conversion rates. Regardless of the industry your business serves, an email marketing strategy can improve customer engagement.

Effective email marketing techniques have generated up to 40% more revenue for every pound spent. So, if your business isn’t getting more conversion from email marketing- it’s time to change your game by hiring an email marketing agency.

Apart from the textbook ways, marketing agencies opt for some unusual methods to improve conversion rates.

Creating mobile-optimised campaigns

Like any other digital optimisation, email campaigns have to be mobile-friendly. Most emails are being read on smartphones, and this isn’t going to end soon.

After creating the campaign, agencies run various tests to figure out which component is working and which isn’t. Some points that should be kept in mind while optimising your email campaigns are:

  •   Creating shorter headlines to fit perfectly on smartphone screens.
  •   Using the right font style and size.
  •   Making the CTA buttons bulletproof to run better on smartphones.
  •   Using a single-column layout and keeping the content concise.

optimization for mobiles

Creating a relevant landing page

If you think that just a website link is enough to get a good response from your customers, that is far from the truth.

All successful email campaigns have a designated and relevant landing page that leads a customer to their destination. For example, a campaign for “Spring Collection Sale” should ideally be linked with the page for the new spring collection so that the customers can readily access the products.

As a seller, it is your job to guide the customer towards his destination and urge him to purchase. Dedicated landing pages for email marketing campaigns reduce bounce rates.

Segmenting your customers

If you hire an efficient digital marketing agency for an email campaign, they will most likely segment your customers. Segmentation is crucial to ensure that emails are going to the right people increasing your chances for higher conversion.

Segmentation is done on various factors like demographics, preferences and interest, subscriber email data, behaviour, purchasing history, etc.

The more precisely you do your segmentation, the better you will be able to deliver the right message to the right people.

Automating campaigns

There are various tools and strategies to use that helps to automate email campaigns and respond to particular subscriber behaviour.

For instance, the use of behaviour trigger emails. These are automatically sent in response to an action by a customer. The quickness inevitably drives better conversion rates as the user gets responses based on their actions.

Welcome email for blog subscription, thank you emails for buying, form submissions, upcoming purchase reminders- these are a few examples of trigger emails. However, if you opt for behavioural trigger emails for conversion rate optimisation, do not forget the relevancy factor. You need to make sure that your automated emails are relevant to the action taken by the customer.

Focusing on the content and customisation

A generalised and impersonal mail won’t get clicked or read for a long time. Personalising a content of an email starting from its subject line, sender name to the email message- everything determines how well you know your customers.

Please remember that you are not writing a corporate email.

Storytelling is a powerful content marketing technique that makes the narrative resonate with your readers. But make sure the content isn’t two-page long. Keep it simple, comprehensive, and to the point.

Marketers often use elements of urgency, curiosity, value, or emotion to write an email copy. Once you have created a compelling story for your readers- they are bound to identify with your brand, thus increasing the engagement rate.

Maintaining the frequency

Do you know why people tend to unsubscribe from certain brands?

The answer is that too many promotional emails tend to annoy people. There is no need to increase the frequency of promotional mails to a point where people are bound to unsubscribe.

There is no one particular frequency that you can adapt. It is based on the campaign’s goal, audience behaviour, industry practices, and customer purchasing rate.

Monitoring performance metrics

Keeping yourself updated with the data and analytics helps you paint a clear picture of what is working and where you can improve.

While conversion rates are the main focus of your campaign, other metrics like open rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates are equally important to know.

Conversion rate optimisation companies use several tools to check if the email addresses provided are active and in use. If an email address isn’t functional for a long time, there is no point in keeping that in your database.

Marketing is ultimately a collaborative effort. So, if you are looking to collaborate with an efficient email marketing agency for some unique and innovative marketing strategies, contact KOL Limited.

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