6 Features That Must Be a Part of all Pilates Studio Software

How many of you can confidently report how’s your Pilates studio doing these days? Have you uploaded your recent income statement online? It’s good to know that you have survived the sudden downfall of business because of Covid-19. You are still doing your best to build your business. But you have to understand this is something you can’t do on your own. Are you lacking a seamless way of reaching out to your clients? Do you have to spend more time managing the daily business operations?  Without any doubt, you need Pilates Studio Software. Its feature is a solution to all the problems that act as a hurdle to efficient business management.

All-Star Features of Software:

Here we are going to throw light on some exceptional features and explain how they can be helpful.

1.    Accessibility Of Class Schedules:

When clients become able to reach out to your schedule, you will experience a significant increase in attendance. Effective software put the schedule of all kinds of Pilates at front and center for everyone. This accessibility allows clients to choose classes according to their suitability. Furthermore, trainers get the ease of getting their classes scheduled at their fingertips. They can even select the schedule structure that best suits their needs. What else can make the scheduling process make as convenient for you? The benefits which this feature showers on you are given below:

  • Organize schedules of online Pilates classes and their instructors.
  • Ease the process of making trainer substitutions.
  • Conveniently creates waitlist for Pilates studio.
  • Provides facility of customized schedule layout that works best.

2.    Ease Of Registration and Booking:

Most of you think that how can you make more people sign up? It’s simple; just take away the complication. Clients love the easy way of signing up for Pilates studio. This software isn’t only providing a smooth way for client’s sign up. But also keeps your front desk crowd free to increase the safety level for members.

An effective way of getting your clients to sign up is through waiver forms. Once they sign up, the central database of Pilates Studio Software stores their information safely. After successful registration, it’s time for the class booking. So, here are some of the characteristics that make class scheduling easier:

Clients can easily access your class schedule online. They can make a booking directly from the software’s clients portal or by using a studio’s app.

The best thing about online booking is that clients have freedom of choice. They can book a specific slot or equipment to use. Furthermore, a suitable way of managing room capacity, availability, and refraining from double-booking errors.

3.    Memberships And Passes Management:

While running a Pilates studio, you need to take care of various aspects. Why don’t you prefer to simplify the process of member management? It might be possible that with few capacities, you have added more options to your services. Have you started hosting small group sessions? Are you offering monthly memberships to your clients? Is class passes also a part of your services? Well, it’s necessary to offer hybrid options for keeping revenues rolling. It might be possible that you are offering a combination of in-house and virtual classes.

Get control over all these options with a great management tool Wellyx. This software gives you the information which you want to access about your clients. As a result, it will be much easier for you to see this position in a larger context. Here are a few more things you can do with this system in a matter of minutes:

  • Membership purchases and attendance tracking at a glance.
  • Automatic reminders for new and expiring memberships.
  • Recurring setup of monthly memberships that are easily shareable with family.

4.    Sell And Manage Products and Services Online:

Get the best working online retail store for you. Because of the point-of-sale platform, this technology can make it possible for you. It makes the management of e-business a no-brainer. Furthermore, it saves you time by automating inventory and transaction management. Here are some other factors that help in increasing the revenue from online sales:

  • Sale of specific memberships or passes.
  • Selling of fitness associated equipment.
  • The offering of gift cards for in-person and virtual sessions.
  • Sale of merchandise like gym outfits or bags.
  • Revenue and inventory tracking.

5.    Raise The Level of Staff Management:

Your clients indeed need a modern method, but so does your team. So, manage your trainers by seeking the help of the Pilates Studio Software. Therefore, here are some strategies for better employee management:

  • Assign your staff unique roles so, that it becomes easy to manage their access and allows for better data management.
  • Makes the schedule and bookings of instructors easily accessible to them.
  • Analyze the top aspect of the payroll, and employee performance easily.

6.    Offering Of Loyalty Rewards Service:

This is one of the most effective strategies for getting access to new clients. If you haven’t applied it so far, this software can help you with this. What would be the possible opportunities you can provide them to earn points?

  • Refer your studio or share a post of yours on social media.
  • Purchase a specific number of classes.

Now think about what rewards clients can be willing to be a part of this program? So, here are a few suggestions which you can opt for:

  • Discounts on in-person classes, virtual classes, or memberships.
  • Discounted gym merchandise.
  • Free Pilates session after fulfilling a certain requirement.
  • Entry into a monthly customized grand prize.

Key Take-Aways:

Select the most relevant Pilates Studio Management Software to level up your game. Moreover, it is a source of providing a better experience to your team members and consumers. It will allow you to efficiently all business tasks that directly or directly influence business revenue. This is also a convenient source of raising the level of loyalty of your staff and members. Hence, get the right tool for Pilates studio and make the most from it. You will ultimately see your business growing at the fastest pace.



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