5 Simple Tips To Beat All The Problems In Summer For Your Horse

We have seen a lot of flies this summer. The weather has been perfect for them to breed and grow. The winter was mild and the weather has suddenly transformed into a warm one. Flies have been taking revenge on all of us. They will not go until the summer ends. Even in the autumn, they will breed and disturb you and your horses.

This is the time when you take all the steps to keep them away in this season. Take all the necessary steps to ensure that you are on top of the situation. It is not just for you or your yard but for your stable too. If you have the best fly rug for horses even then, there are a few other steps you need to take. This article mentions all those steps. 

Steps to take

  • Make use of the shade

Shady areas can be man-made or natural. Horses will always look for those areas to escape the heat and eventually the flies. Flies can be persistent even if we move into the spring from summer. The shelter is very important for horses. It is known to be a stable area for them. Have Some areas with sheds so that your horses have options while grazing.

  • Stable and field options

You need to decide whether your horses stay in the stable or in the field. The best way is to keep them in the stable during the day so that they get shared and during the night, they can go to the field. This not only keeps the heat away but also naturally avoids the flies. Even if your horses do not wear waterproof fly rugs at that time, it will be fine. Do not remove the rugs early in the evening. Rather remove them late at night. 

  • Use a fly repellent

Fly repellents might not sound very effective in open fields. However, you cannot ignore them in any area. Your horses might not be able to say this but fly repellents can do a lot when it comes to implementing a safe way to keep the flies away. Use an extra-strong repellent that lasts long. Try if you can buy one with avocado oil, aloe vera, walnut oil etc. As these ingredients are the most common in repellents and are natural. 

  • Do not ditch the fly rugs for horses

Horses love some field time without the runs. However, you cannot keep them without the covers every time. The quality of fly rugs has a lot to decide whether the horses feel comfortable or not. It not only keeps the insects and flies away but also keeps them away from the cool breeze. Also, make sure that you clean those fly rugs regularly.

  • You can use the fly traps

You can hang fly traps near the stable and shelters to keep the flies away. You can find a variety of them in the market.  the size, the budget and the needs and kept into consideration while buying them. 

The Bottom Line

If you have horses and you want to take care of them, these five points will help you take the first few steps. Once You get used to it, your horses will be happier and give you even more. 

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