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5-Minute beauty tips for new mothers

The moment you become a mother is an amazing moment in the woman’s journey and a rewarding time, endless hugging, gurgling, and mother-baby bonding over feeding. There was a myriad of emotions I felt when I became a mother and, now that my child is only 8 months old but, still there’s not been an occasion where I haven’t smacked him on the cheek or snuggled with him for a nap. The time you become a mother and you become a mother, chemical reaction occurs in your brain, which triggers an increase in maternal hormones that make your brain over-active and your body hyper-active. This all happens at some point leads to the point of exhaustion. I had all of this and more. Up to about the middle of November my hair was flapping around in the air (ALL ALL THE TIME) My skin was dull and unhealthy. I was too busy to prepare (even to go out for an ordinary day) or dress (to go visit them! ) I also wore an eyeshadow or lipstick polish (just to be fresh). There were times that I was forced to turn down an invitation to a lunch or coffee and then reacted in a fit of anger because I didn’t have the time to even get a basic threading in!

In the past month I realized neglect my health I’ll be prone to mood swings, be unhappy and angry without a reason. There is no need to visit a beauty salon to meet your basic needs. Here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques and techniques (using the ingredients you have at home) which are perfect for those who have a hard time getting their hands on time. They’re not time-consuming, so go through these out and I am sure you’ll thank my advice:

Hair Care:

1. Guard your hair against harsh chemical treatments and make it soft. Before washing your hair, put some egg-free mayonnaise to the lower half. This way, you’re shielding your beautiful locks from harsh soapy chemicals , and it also helps retain moisture. In addition, mayo adds shine!


1. Do away with post-partum acne by applying honey for a face mask. Be sure to ensure that the honey you use is of good quality. I would not advise on you to purchase raw honey (although it is the purest form of honey, unprocessed, that has the best anti-bacterial properties). Apply a light coat about 10 minutes prior to going to the bathroom. Of course you can take a break when the mask is in place! When you get into the shower, you must first cleanse your face using lukewarm water. But, here’s an important tip to follow to test your skin with a patch. Honey isn’t suited to all types of skin.

2. The hair on your face can be easily removed. Make use of a tweezer with sharp edges to pull out undesirable facial hair. You could also use wax strips that are cold. For a smoother eyebrow apply a coat of Vaseline. Voila! You’re now set to go out for lunch with your friends!

3. A quick exfoliation Fruits like oranges aren’t just great for your body, but they are also good to your face. The high levels of vitamin C found present in them will give you an amazing glowing skin! Apply a little orange juice on your knees and elbows to reduce roughness. Additionally, a little cucumber juice, when applied to your face (leave it for 20 minutes and after which, wash your face using water) will give stunning outcomes. Include a few drops rose water for long-lasting shine.

4. For softer skin: dab a small amount of serum into your foundation prior to applying makeup to your face. This will add an extra boost of shine.

5. Moisturize your skin: ladies, don’t overestimate the importance of moisturizing! A good moisturizer can help keep moisture in and helps prevent dryness.


1. Lips that shine: To get shiny lips apply Vaseline or other lip balm that contains Vitamin E prior to going to sleep.

2. Are you looking to test a new shade of lipstick: Have you been able to find the time in search of a brand new lipstick shade? Here’s a fantastic suggestion on how to use the colors of your lips already to you. Use one color over another. The combined colors will result in an entirely new shade that leaves you amazed and beautiful simultaneously.

3. For that perfect pout, Add a drop or two of peppermint oil to your lip gloss. It might sting a bit but it will aid in creating an engorged pout.


1. Nail treatment: Soak nails in the warm oil of olives for about 10 mins to ensure well-hydrated nails.

2. Hand and foot scrub at home Make a mix of sugar and lemon. Use it to scrub your feet and hands using the mixture. After that, soak and wash the hands and feet with lukewarm water. You can add a few drops of shampoo into the bath water to make a lather.

These tips and tricks aren’t just pocket-friendly and easy to follow, which saves you from the hassle of visiting the parlor. Also, for all the new mothers who are out there take a second thought before turning down the invitation to a birthday party! Enjoy yourself and take especially of yourself!


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