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5 Blog post ideas for a web design agency

Nowadays, eCommerce websites are a must when it comes to conducting business. ECommerce websites have provided business owners and customers with many conveniences when transacting. These websites have paved the way for a new kind of purchasing behavior. Before, almost all goods and services that we enjoy can only be bought by going to physical stores. However, with the technology that we have today, we can now do things simultaneously and be more productive. Through eCommerce websites, many things have been made possible and easy.

However, in a very crowded economy like Singapore, it is important to have an eCommerce website that would stand out. This way your eCommerce website can have more leverage and become more profitable. One of the things that business owners do is make their web design Singapore layout look the best among others. They usually get the help of a web design Singapore company to do this kind of job. However, just like in any kind of service, the website design services sector is a very crowded one. There are many other entities that have web design agency Singapore services to their market.

Due to that, web design agency services Singapore companies need to provide unique services for their market to be attracted and interested in your eCommerce website design company. Blog posts give you more credibility which can improve the level of trust between you and the client. These things are important because there are a number of web design services Singapore agencies that are competing with one another. In this article, let us talk about the 5 best blog post ideas for a web design Singapore agency. 

#1 Marketing and SEO tips

As a website design company, the first of the few things that you have to post are topics that are closely related to your services. That’s why marketing and some SEO tips may be a good idea for a blog post. You can showcase your knowledge when it comes to digital marketing and some search engine optimization tips.

These kinds of blog posts are a way to prove to your customers that you are credible and knowledgeable about this field. This way you can attract potential market and have them avail of your services. Make sure that the search engine optimization tips are things that your company provides. The marketing section may be concerned with web design Singapore looks up to putting up a blog post on your customers’ eCommerce websites.

#2 Website design advice

In addition, you can post web design Singapore advice because these can also prove your knowledge and field of specialization as a company. It is best to include samples of your past work that shows the design advice on your blog post. It is also advised to put things that your company can provide so that they can avail of your services when they find those pieces of advice helpful.

#3 Your awards or certificates

You can put the awards that your website design services company has won. This way you can have more proof of what kind of services you can provide. This can further attest to the quality of service that you provide. Certificates can be displayed or be posted in a blog post since it is proof of your experience and credentials. More customers would be more interested to get your website design commissions if they see that you are known and awarded in this field. This further creates your brand as an eCommerce website design agency. 

#4 Previous social media design projects

Since social media is one of the biggest platforms when it comes to digital marketing today, it is also advisable to post your past social media design projects. The majority of customers are looking for web design services Singapore agencies that have knowledge of many digital marketing platforms.

#5 Client projects you’re working on

You can also display the current clients that you are working on at the moment. Just like the things mentioned above, showing the number and type of clients that have availed of your eCommerce design services will increase your credibility. This would prove that your services are one of the most sought-after in Singapore. Clients are usually more inclined to hire a web design services Singapore company that is In demand. This is because the number of customers shows how trustworthy and how good the services are.

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