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5 Best methods to Update Display Driver in Windows 10

The display is one of the crucial parts of the system. If you are a pro gamer, designer, or animation professional then you surely know the necessity of good display on the device. As a gamer, the user tries to get the best display on the system. Playing online games on a good display provides the next level of satisfaction. People often install good graphic cards on the system for a better experience. But the display won’t work properly if the driver is outdated. While playing games or doing some animation work; if the system graphics is not working properly then you should check for updates. Updating the display driver will fix all the display related issues and you can work with a good display experience.

Update display driver using Windows Update

Updating the display driver with the Windows update is very simple. It is the most reliable method for updating the driver. When the user updates the Windows on the system; your OS checks for all the drivers you have installed. When any of the drivers is outdated; it will also get updated. The update runs in the background without disturbing any of the processes.

  1. Open the settings page of the Windows device 
  2. Go to the Update and Security 
  3. Now tap on the Windows Update 

Click on the Check for Updates and now hit the View all optional updates. You will see the driver update option. Now choose the display driver from the list and now the driver update will get installed on your system. 

Uninstall your outdated driver from the system

When your display driver is showing an error while updating it and showing Windows Update Error 0x80070422 then uninstall it. This error occurs when the driver files get corrupted. Repairing the files of display driver files manually is difficult. Instead of repairing; uninstall it. The user has to open the Device Manager of his Windows device. Now inspect the list of all the installed drivers on the system. Choose the Display Adaptors from the list and right-click on it top uninstall. After uninstalling the display driver; restart the computer. The updated display driver will automatically get installed on the system.

Try updating Display Driver using Device Manager

Users can visit the device manager for updating their display driver. Open the Windows device and go to your Device Manager. Click on the Display Adaptors. Right-click on it and then hit on the Update Driver button. You will get the next page asking for the choice. Choose the automatic option. Wait for completing the driver update installation and then restart the computer. Now you can work on the system with an updated display driver.

Install the display driver from the website

Users can also install the driver update from the manufacturer’s website. When the driver gets outdated; the company provides new updates. You can visit their update and download it easily. Check the driver and then open the web to visit its website. Now check for the update of your driver model. Tap on the update option and it will get downloaded on the system. Tap on the executable file and then the update will get installed.

Update your Display driver using the driver update tool

If you want to update the display driver along with all the other driver update tools then you can go for the driver update tool. Users can easily get the free driver update tools on the web. Search for a compatible driver tool for the system. Now download and install the setup on your device. Now hit on the tool and run it on the system. It will inspect all the computer drivers. If any of the drivers are outdated; the tool will automatically install the update for it. Once the program gets updates; restart the system and use the updated drivers.

If you are facing errors while updating the driver then check for the malware infection. Viruses and malware on the system can interrupt your various processes. You have to remove all the viruses from your computer. Use a premium antivirus that can remove all threats and malware. Again try to update the driver on the computer. You can ask the Windows team for help.

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