5 Amazing Tips for a Stunning Mural of a Modern Café

To build the best café in town, everything in your café has to be perfect and flawless, from the quality of food you serve to the café interior design. You can effortlessly attract customer’s attention by designing the best interior of your café.

The walls in a café are as important as any other thing in the café interior because creative and mural walls smoothly draw customer’s attention. We know, that you secretly want some tips and ideas for mural walls for your café. And that is why we have already collected the top 5 amazing tips for stunning mural ideas for your modern café.

1. Doodle wall

Go for a creative yet attractive mural wall design like a doodle wall to gain the concentration of your customers. Doodle art is the most modern art especially for restaurant’s and café’s walls. Doodles have the power to fluently build customer’s interest in finding strange and interesting symbols and diagrams in them. There are many amazing and experienced artists out there who are experts in doodling and will easily design the wall up to the mark. So hire a professional now and ask him to add some diagrams of your food in the doodles to suit the café theme.

2. A quote wall

A quote wall with several positive notes in a café is the best idea one can imagine. Make a wall full of positive and motivational quotes in your cafe. Everyone needs a little motivation in the morning with their morning coffee, this quote wall will boost the stamina of your customers as well as the staff members.

Or make an empty quote wall in the interior of your café. For an empty quote wall, you just need a huge chalkboard and maintain the borders with simple and pleasing designs and let the rest of the area empty. You can write a single quote on the top of the board and put some colorful chalks and a duster along with the board. Now give your customers the freedom to write any positive thoughts that pop up in their minds because someone’s simple thought might make someone else’s day. And we are sure that every customer is going to love this idea.

3. 3D painting on the wall

Give your modern café a 3D appearance by painting a mural with 3D designs and figures. 3D paintings are very trendy these days and not only trendy but they are also loved by people of every age. They enhance the beauty of a place and grab everyone’s attention towards them. Artists having mastery in 3D painting are pretty talented and provide you with a range and variety of choices. For example, follow the coffee theme and get some coffee-related painting or get a 3D plant painting, your favorite animal in 3D, and a lot more. Paint your café walls mural with any 3D design as per your preference.

4. A vintage wall

If you want a stunning as well as elegant mural then you should opt for a vintage wall design for your café. Paint your café wall with a simple and adorable vintage design for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and make your customers go aww over it. Or if you don’t want to paint the wall then pick a charming and attractive wallpaper for your café mural. It is also a less expensive alternative and it is not long-termed and you can change it anytime to give a fresher look to the café.

5. The bricky wall

Bring old and modern on one page and design your modern café wall with an old brick design. Paint your wall with an artificial brick design and also draw some artificial broken bricks design (if possible) to make the wall more noticeable. Or you can also go for artificial brick wallpapers just as the vintage wallpapers, will be easily switchable to a new design whenever you want.


These were the top ideas to implement for mural walls of your modern cafe interior design. We are sure that you are going to change the interior design of your café and transform your old and dull café walls by trying out one of the above-suggested ideas.

Choose stunning murals and go creative with your café walls today.

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