3 Benefits of Using Machining Robots in the Plastic Trimming Industry


With comprehensive automation in the complete procedure chain from part addition to packaging and labelling, the plastic industry is composed to handle the most challenging tasks. It has advanced into one of the most imperative marketplaces for all robot producers in recent years. In this article, we will discuss the advantage of robotics in the plastic processing industry.


Robots have been around for centuries and making strides of development for creators in terms of rapidity, effectiveness, and safety. In the last few years, several new findings on production and engineering inventions have made the use of robotics even more prevalent and made robots authoritative partners at industrial facilities.

Robots have been employed in plastic manufacturing for years but now even six-axis robots are being used on a wide scale. Some of the main features accountable for machining robot improved popularity is the condensed price of ownership and how user-friendly these types of machinery have become. If you are considering presenting robotics to your processing capability, here are some benefits that might support you with your decision.

1. Higher Productivity, Lower Expenses

Automation procedure has been a benefit for the plastic processing sector as it provides many benefits including an improvement in production, exactness, improved flexibility, and cost savings. Robots can effort non-stop although providing high precision. Several processors have even accomplished a 15-30% upsurge in production after accepting a robotic automation procedure.

What’s more, robotics also leads to savings in raw supplies. When it comes to carbon fiber compound supplies, this influence becomes extremely advantageous as the raw material price is really high. The use of robots also benefits in saving labor prices and forwarding manpower to places where they can offer more value. The savings made on these prices unswervingly disturbs the bottom line.

2. Outstanding Multi-Tasking Capabilities

When it comes to complex molded portions, it isn’t conceivable to unswervingly refuse a portion from the mold. Though, six-axis robots can effortlessly accomplish complex molded portions by revolving and maneuvering the portion out of the mold. In addition, the multi-tasking competencies let these robots do two or more works at once. For instance, though a part is being evicted from a mold, the machine can instantaneously accomplish extra work.

Six-axis robots provide several competitive rewards by tumbling labor costs and substituting skilled workers. In fact, several factories can now re-shore as these automatons can save prices over what used to be measured as cheap employment.

3. Increased Worker Safety

Robots offer several primary and subordinate benefits to users. They can keep labors safe from dangerous circumstances and complete the job at hand with ease. An engineered type of machinery manufacturer is able to systematize part elimination from an injection molding press using a large four-axis robot.

Such robots can handle such explicit applications. They are also flexible enough to complete an exclusive range of part removal errands and positioning necessities over the injection-molding mechanism’s life cycle. These robots gratify all positioning necessities and can replace an employee who would have to maneuver between poignant parts.


The execution of robotics in the plastic processing industry has condensed cycle times, consistent part quality, reduced prices, and much more. It also helps in confirming worker security by taking over possibly dangerous tasks. You can find one of the top reliable companies for buying the best quality KUKA milling robots, 3D printing robots, refurbished robots, and many others.

About the Author:

The author is associated with a leading company that specializes in robotic machining. The company’s milling robots and ABB refurbished robots can be used for applications involving various materials. The firm uses ultra-precise devices currently available on the market to guarantee the best results.

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