10 Questions to Ask Before Picking Your College Major

Once you leave the protective wings of high school and prepare to venture into the unknown world of higher education, it’s natural to feel anxious, scared and confused. That’s why picking a college major might seem like the most challenging task in the world.

According to reports, almost 75% of American college students start their college years undecided about their major. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 80% of students end up changing their major at least once after exploring new disciplines.

Most Common Problems with Choosing a Major

According to a Gallup survey of 22,087 adults in the USA, 55% received advice about choosing a major from informal social networks like family, friends, and community leaders. In contrast, only 11% sought guidance from a school counselor and 28% from a college advisor.

There’s no doubt that this has added to the confusion for most students. Meanwhile, other issues that you can face when choosing a major are:

  • Financial conditions
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of qualifications

If you choose to ignore these concerns, you’ll become overly reliant on coursework writing help services even before you complete your first semester.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself & Choose the Perfect Major

There’s no doubt that choosing a major is challenging. However, there’s no need to fret. Remember that majority of the students are most likely feeling the same stress and anxiety. So, you’re not alone.

To avoid being all over the place, here are 10 questions that’ll help you determine which major would suit you the best:

  1. Why do I want to do this major?

When you know why you want to pick a particular major, you’ll have a clear path to move forward. For example, perhaps you’d like to pursue a law major because you believe in a just society. Or you could be passionate about literature and choose to major in English.

As long as you know why you’re studying something, there are lesser chances of losing your midway mid-semester and relying on online coursework help services to tide you through until graduation.

  1. Do I really want to do this major, or am I following the herd?

Most students succumb to peer pressure and choose a major they have no interest in studying.

Dr Reynold Perkins, a professor at a reputable university, says, “I became a doctor because my father, grandfather, and even my great-grandfather were all respectable physicians. However, I regretted my decision within my second year in college. Now I’m finally following my passion for teaching.”

From Perkins’ and my experience, nothing good comes from following the herd and choosing a major you have no interest in.

  1. Do I have enough knowledge to pursue this major?

Suppose you want to major in mathematics, but you’ve consistently performed horribly in every mathematics examination in school. You have to prioritize logic and reasoning over your passion in such cases. Unless you’re willing to attend foundational courses to improve your knowledge, it’s best to steer clear of a major where you don’t have a firm grasp.

  1. Do I fulfill the requirements for this major?

Every college in the US has specific requirements you have to fulfill to gain admission to a particular course. Therefore, before applying, ensure that you satisfy the admission criteria. Sometimes, you might have to sign up for a diploma or certificate course to boost your credentials.

  1. Does my institution have a strong faculty for this major?

Every college has its ups and downs. For example, some institutions with a strong STEM faculty do not prioritize the other departments. Hence, pursuing a Humanities major in such a college would be a horrible decision. Therefore, conduct thorough research to figure out which departments have respectable professors. Otherwise, if you don’t have a solid faculty to rely on, you’ll have to spend your savings hiring coursework help services to assist you with your papers.

  1. What are the career opportunities I can pursue?

It usually takes three to five years to graduate from college. By that time, the job prospects might be entirely different from what you’re familiar with in the present. Therefore, you should decide on your major, considering the career opportunities you can pursue in the future.

  1. Is this the only major I have an interest in?

Sometimes, you become highly fixated on a particular major and forget that there are other options to peruse. Keep a list of the majors you find alluring and highlight the pros and cons of each. This can help you make a more informed decision and ensures you can make an informed choice.

  1. Have I talked to someone who has personally completed the major?

Never make the mistake of selecting a major without consulting someone who has graduated in the discipline. Any individual who has completed the course is in the best position to share their experience and present the reality of pursuing the major. They can also provide helpful tips you can follow whenever you need help with your coursework.

  1. Do I have to declare my major immediately?

Some universities require you to declare your major during the first-year registration. However, try to avoid doing so as you might have a change of heart later on, and the paperwork involved would be a nightmare to deal with. However, if you’re 100% sure about pursuing a particular major, feel free to declare it as early as possible, especially if you have too many requirements to complete.

  1. Will I be happy pursuing this major?

College marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. Therefore, it’s crucial that you voluntarily pick a major that won’t force you to spend the time until you graduate in absolute misery.

Approximately 44% of college students in the USA have reported symptoms of depression and anxiety, and a majority of them believe the negative feelings stem from:

  • Difficulty handling the coursework
  • Sense of being overwhelmed
  • Peer pressure to excel in academics

When things become too challenging, you can lessen the burden by hiring coursework help services. First, however, you should always ask yourself whether you’d be happy pursuing a particular major or not.

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Summing it up,

Choosing a major for college is bound to be pretty intimidating. However, it is best to remember that you’re not alone in the journey. Millions of students worldwide struggle to make a final decision regarding the matter. That’s why asking yourself the ten questions highlighted in this blog provides more clarity and ensures you make a well-informed decision.

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