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10 Data Science Programming Languages to Study in 2021

The World of Data Science

Technology in all its sectors is one of the best and innovative fields of the 21st century. The new field has provided many more jobs, and many students have chosen it to be what they build their careers in. There is certainly creativity associated with the world of information technology. One of the ways in which people have started to choose their career in the IT sector is by learning data science programming languages. By learning these languages, they enable themselves to be eligible to work anywhere in the world including the top web development agency in UK. Data science allows them to focus on a specific part of the industry and work to improve their skills.  

Data science is the field of studying information. With fast processing power, many companies are relying on making calculated decisions rather than trusting their guts. The more information a system has, the better the chances of reliable results. Different software helps in different parts of a business, which allows companies to progress and expand. Data science is also a part of artificial learning and relies heavily on machine and deep learning. 

Is becoming a data scientist a good choice? 

Data science is one of those requirements that is gaining popularity as more and more companies become aware of its advantages. According to many statistics and research carried out by the website valley, it is clear that the need for a data scientist in every firm will be extremely necessary. There are many benefits of becoming a data scientist, making it a potential career path to a successful life. Except for the huge demand of individuals that have the knowledge of data science, ensuring that you have job security and a lot of options, you also have a career that pays well. 

There are not many downsides to becoming a data scientist and working at a multinational firm. And with artificial intelligence being decades away from perfecting itself, your job will be the one that companies are in need of at all times. You should learn data science programming languages as soon as possible. 

Types of data science program languages? 

If you have reached this part of the article, the chances are that you are interested in learning data science programming languages. You have a lot of options when selecting the data science programming language that you wish to learn. However, before you do so, you need to know the different types of data science programming languages. The more information you have about this area of study, the greater your chances of choosing a language that you can gain expertise in. As you read on, you will find the five different types of data science programming languages, much like how we have different languages to communicate. There are different languages when it comes to compiling software. Each of these languages has different functions and allows the user to utilise its various advantages and disadvantages. 

1. Object-Oriented Programming

2. Scripting Programming

3. Logic Programming

4. Procedural Programming

5. Functional Programming 

When you are faced with a certain task, you need to make sure that the data science programming language you use completes the task in the best manner. You need to analyse its advantages and disadvantages, providing you with the best language to use in a particular scenario. Only by knowing the best language for your task will you be able to give the best results. 

Ten languages to study in 2021

Once you are aware of the task at hand and the outcome that is expected by your employer, you can choose from the 10 data science programming languages. By making the right choice, you can work efficiently and get better results on your task. As you read on, you will find ten such data science programming languages with its description. 

1. SQL

If you are looking to become the best in the business, then you surely need to get all the information you can about SQL. If you are working with structured data, then this language will definitely be your go-to. 

2. Java

A programming language that has been used by top corporations is also a famous and much-needed data science programming language for any data scientist. There is a myth associated with this language that has given it the title of being a beginner programming language. However, this could not be further from the truth. Java is capable of carrying out complex data analysis and is an excellent tool in the bag of every data scientist. It is a language that is more efficient than most languages due to its garbage collection technique. 

3. SAS

SAS is more of a second language that you learn and use as a tool rather than an independent language. It helps with analysis and is used commonly for business intelligence, which means that it is in a lot of demand. 

4. JavaScript

This programming language is extremely popular when it comes to web developments. Many developers rely on it for their daily use. Not only does it play a key role in the web development sector, but it is also amongst the widely used and helpful data science programming languages. With the use of JavaScript, many developers and data scientists are able to effectively portray the outcome of large data. You cannot rely entirely on JavaScript for your career in data science, but you definitely need the knowledge that comes with it for your job. 


One of the data science programming languages that allow mathematical computing along with statistical computing and running algorithms. By having the knowledge of effectively using MATLAB, you can easily focus on deep learning. 

6. Julia

This is a versatile language and is used by top firms and in many complex situations. Julia is used by data scientists in space mission planning. It is easy to learn in comparison to other data science programming languages. 

7. Python

Python is one of the most popular data science programming languages amongst the people of this field. This language has one of the broadest uses and ensures that your task is done with the kind of outcome you are expecting. Many popular technological advances are working alongside Python, making it the language to learn. There are a lot of people that use this language on a daily basis, which means that there are a lot of resources available which can help you learn. With hardly any cons for using the language, you can be sure to gain a lot of progress fairly quickly when using Python. 

8. C/C++

You can call this programming language the old-timer because it is one of the oldest programming languages. They can be extremely useful as they are capable of compiling data much faster than other data science programming languages. 

9. Scala

A language that is favored for data science, Scala has the power to effectively improve your work. Its compatibility with java virtual machines allows it to work with java which means a lot more opportunities. 

10. R

A language that is gaining a lot of popularity quickly for being extremely extensible. With the capability of handling complex data, R is surely the language of the future and a must data science programming language for new data scientists. 

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